About the Team

If you want to strike up a conversation with Natalia bring up:  mountaineering, fly-fishing, kids, local beer, and any alaska trivia

If you want to strike up a conversation with Chris bring up:  hiking, fishing, kids, golf, local beers.

Natalia moved to Alaska in 2000, chasing her dreams of climbing mountains and navigating rivers. After finishing college at APU in Anchorage she worked as a fly-fishing guide in the Kenai Peninsula/Cooper Landing  areas for nine summers. During the winter, she found herself intrigued by real estate and began purchasing properties, especially in the area of investment properties. She specializes in Commercial and Residential real estate.

She has a Buyer’s Agent, Chris Van Slyke, that works on her team. Having worked in business management, personal finance, and mostly recently, in consumer lending, Chris was inspired to make the move to a career in real estate. Chris is fueled by his desire to achieve the best results for his clients.  Chris' primary focus is buyers in real estate  transactions, but he also has experience handling challenges on both sides of a deal, including residential and commercial transactions. 

For Team Natalia, working with a robust network of professionals stirred a passion to create lasting relationships with clients, while helping them achieve their individual goals. 

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